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3 Analysis of Gamma-ray Spectrum and Assessment of Corresponding Exposure Rate by Means of Response Matrix Method
Kim, Seong-Kwan;Jun, Jae-Shik;
J Radiat Prot. 1986;11(1):3
15 Chemical Effects of Nuclear Transformations in Metal Permanganates
Lee, Byung-Hun;Kim, Bong-Whan;
J Radiat Prot. 1986;11(1):15
22 Derivation of An Empirical Formula for Determining Water Content of Mixed Uranyl Nitrate-Thorium Nitrate Solutions
Min, Duck-Kee;Choi, Byung-Il;Ro, Seung-Gy;Eom, Tae-Yoon;Kim, Zong-Goo;
J Radiat Prot. 1986;11(1):22
29 GESS-A Code for Verification of Shielding Integrity by Monte Carlo Method
Lee, Tae-Young;Ha, Chung-Woo;Lee, Jai-Ki;
J Radiat Prot. 1986;11(1):29
37 Dosimetric Quantities for 300 keV Neutrons
Lee, Soo-Yong;
J Radiat Prot. 1986;11(1):37
44 Toxicity of Natural Uranium in Rats
Ryu, Yong-Wun;Lee, Jhin-Oh;Yun, Taik-Koo;
J Radiat Prot. 1986;11(1):44
51 Induced Activity and Space Dose Distribution from Medical Linear Accelerator
Chu, Sung-Sil;Park, Chang-Yun;
J Radiat Prot. 1986;11(1):51
57 Determination of Personnel Exposures in the Lower Energy Ranges of X-Ray by Photographic Dosimeter
Ha, C.W.;Kim, J.R.;Suh, K.W.;
J Radiat Prot. 1986;11(1):57
65 Trouble in Source Driving System of a $^{60}Co$ Teletherapy Unit
Kang, Wee-Saing;
J Radiat Prot. 1986;11(1):65
70 The Development Study of A Manganese Sulphate Bath System
Hwang, Sun-Tae;Lee, Kyung-Ju;Choi, Kil-Oung;Kim, Won-Sik;
J Radiat Prot. 1986;11(1):70
77 A Measurement of Kerma and Absorbed Dose in Photon Fields
Kim, Sung-Hee;Shin, Seung-Aea;Chu, Sung-Sil;
J Radiat Prot. 1986;11(1):77
83 Recent Status of Cancer Treatment Using High Energy Radiotherapy Machine
Yoo, Seong-Yul;
J Radiat Prot. 1986;11(1):83
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