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157 Source term estimation using least squares method in a radiological emergency
Jeong, Hyo-Joon;Kim, Eun-Han;Suh, Kyung-Suk;Hwang, Won-Tae;Han, Moon-Hee;
J Radiat Prot. 2004;29(3):157
165 An Experimental Study on the Direct Contamination Pathway of Elemental iodine Vapor $(I_2)$ for Rice Plants
Choi, Y.H.;Lim, K.M.;Lee, C.M.;Park, H.G.;Park, D.W.;Choi, G.S.;Choi, H.J.;Lee, H.S.;Lee, C.W.;
J Radiat Prot. 2004;29(3):165
173 Iodine Deposition onto the Chinese Cabbage
Lee, Han-Soo;Choi, Heui-Joo;Kang, Hee-Suk;Yu, Dong-Han;Keum, Dong-Kwon;Lim, Kwang-Mook;Park, Hyo-Kook;Choi, Yong-Ho;Lee, Chang-Woo;
J Radiat Prot. 2004;29(3):173
179 Design of a TL Personal Dosimeter Identifiable PA Exposure and Development of Its Dose Evaluation Algorithm
Kwon, J.W.;Kim, H.K.;Yang, J.S.;Kim, J.L.;Lee, J.K.;
J Radiat Prot. 2004;29(3):179
187 A Comparison Study on Severe Accident Risks Between PWR and PHWR Plants
Jeong, Jong-Tae;Kim, Tae-Woon;Ha, Jae-Joo;
J Radiat Prot. 2004;29(3):187
197 Vertical distirbution of $^{137}Cs;and;^{90}Sr$ activities in the soils of Korea
Cha, H.J.;Park, D.;Park, H.;Kang, M.J.;Lee, W.;Choi, G.S.;Cho, Y.H.;Chung, K.H.;Lee, H.P.;Shin, H.S.;Lee, C.W.;
J Radiat Prot. 2004;29(3):197
205 Numerical Simulation for the Field Tracer Experiment over the Kori Nuclear Power Plant
Suh, Kyung-Suk;Kim, Eun-Han;Whang, Won-Tae;Jeong, Hyo-Joon;Han, Moon-Hee;
J Radiat Prot. 2004;29(3):205
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