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J Radiat Prot > Volume 7(1); 1982 > Article
Journal of Radiation Protection 1982;7(1):34-0.
흡수선량지수결정(吸收線量指數決定)에 관한 실험적(實驗的) 연구(硏究)
Experimental Study on the Determination of Absorbed dose Index
Jun, Jae-Shik;Rho, Chae-Shik;Ro, Seung-Gy;Ha, Chung-Woo;Yoo, Young-Soo;Lee, Hyun-Duk;
The prime purpose of this study is to realize an index quantity, absorbed dose index, defined by the ICRU for the characterization of ambient radiation level at any location for the purpose of radiation protection. The experiment has been designed to be carried out in two phases, namely, preliminary and main experiment. In the primary study a 30cm diameter sphere of polyethylene was used, while in the main experiment that of tissue equivalent material was fabricated and used. Both experiments were performed in the gamma-ray fields of $^{137}Cs;and;^{60}Co$, and in a neutron beam of thermal column of the TRIGA MARK-II research reactor. In the measurement of gamma-ray absorbed dose TLD-700 $(^{7}LiF)$ chips were used, and for the neutron dose both Au activation foils and TLD chips (TLD-600 $(^{6}LiF)$ and TLD-700 for the discrimination of gamma-ray contribution) were used. Theoretical assessment of the absorbed dose in the sphere phantom has been carried out in accordance with the Ehrlich's idea that deduced on the basis of Burlin's cavity theory in the case of gamma-ray irradiation. For the analysis of neutron dose fluence-KERMA rate conversion method was used. The explanation on the dose assessment is given in detail. Results obtained were numerically and statistically analyzed and the depth dose distributions are presented in the graphic forms with normalized values. In the concluding remarks, the possibility and difficulty of realizing the index quantity, including questions and problems to be solved are mentioned.
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