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J Radiat Prot > Volume 33(2); 2008 > Article
Journal of Radiation Protection 2008;33(2):47-0.
방사선수술치료계획 프로그램의 지시자 회전 오차 교정 기능 점검
Verification of Indicator Rotation Correction Function of a Treatment Planning Program for Stereotactic Radiosurgery
Chung, Hyun-Tai;Lee, Re-Na;
Objective: This study analyzed errors due to rotation or tilt of the magnetic resonance (MR) imaging indicator during image acquisition for a stereotactic radiosurgery. The error correction procedure of a commercially available stereotactic neurosurgery treatment planning program has been verified.
Materials and Methods:
Software virtual phantoms were built with stereotactic images generated by a commercial programming language, Interactive Data Language (version 5.5). The thickness of an image slice was 0.5 mm, pixel size was $0.5{times}0.5mm$, field of view was 256 mm, and image resolution was $512{times}512$. The images were generated under the DICOM 3.0 standard in order to be used with Leksell GammaPlan$^{(R)}$. For the verification of the rotation error correction function of Leksell GammaPlan$^{(R)}$, 45 measurement points were arranged in five axial planes. On each axial plane, there were nine measurement points along a square of length 100 mm. The center of the square was located on the z-axis and a measurement point was on the z-axis, too. Five axial planes were placed at z=-50.0, -30.0, 0.0, 30.0, 50.0 mm, respectively. The virtual phantom was rotated by $3^{circ}$ around one of x, y, and z-axis. It was also rotated by $3^{circ}$ around two axes of x, y, and z-axis, and rotated by $3^{circ}$ along all three axes. The errors in the position of rotated measurement points were measured with Leksell GammaPlan$^{(R)}$ and the correction function was verified.
The image registration errors of the virtual phantom images was $0.1{pm}0.1mm$ and it was within the requirement of stereotactic images. The maximum theoretical errors in position of measurement points were 2.6 mm for a rotation around one axis, 3.7 mm for a rotation around two axes, and 4.5 mm for a rotation around three axes. The measured errors in position was $0.1{pm}0.1mm$ for a rotation around single axis, $0.2{pm}0.2mm$ for double and triple axes. These small errors verified that the rotation error correction function of Leksell GammaPlan$^{(R)}$ is working fine.
A virtual phantom was built to verify software functions of stereotactic neurosurgery treatment planning program. The error correction function of a commercial treatment planning program worked within nominal error range. The virtual phantom of this study can be applied in many other fields to verify various functions of treatment planning programs.
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