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Below is a procedure to save time in the whole process of the examination of a paper, from acceptance to publication, and is to improve the quality of the journals.

Each item of the list should be satisfied in the paper, and the paper is to be returned with 'v' in the square (☐) of the list. The most essential rules to be observed in the paper are as below.

【 Key Roles 】

❍ References (putting a period for the separation of each item)

  • Journal: the author’s name. title. journal name. published date;volume (No.):page numbers.
    (e.g.) Lee HC, Shin WG, Park HY, Yoo DH, Choi CI, Park CS, Kim HS, Min CH, Validation of energy-weighted algorithm for radiation portal monitor using plastic scintillator. Appl. Radiat. Isot. 2016; 107:160-164.
  • Book: author name(s). book title. number of edition. location of publication. publisher. published year;page numbers.
    (e.g.) Eisen HN. Immunology; An introduction to molecular and cellular principles of the immune response. 5th Ed. New York NY. Harper and Row. 1974;406-407.
  • Report: the full name of institution of the report publication. title of the report. number of the report. issued year;page numbers.
    (e.g.) International Commission on Radiological Protection. Protection of the environment under different exposure situations. ICRP Publication 124. 2014;10-11.
  • Conference proceeding: the author’s name. title of proceedings. conference name. location of conference. presentation date.
    (e.g.) Kim JH, Kim YS, Lee HS, and Kim CH. A study on construction method of deformation vector fields for continuously deforming 4D voxel simulation. The Korean Association for Radiation Protection Autumn Meeting. Seoul Korea. October 23-25, 2015.

❍ Caption of Tables and Figures

  • Tables: Written in English, the first letter of each word should be capitalized except for a preposition and a conjunction.
    (e.g.) Table 1. Mass Measurement of Fluence Monitor Samples
  • Figures: Written in English, only the first letter of the caption should be capitalized.
    (e.g.) Fig. 1. Thermal neutron burn-out correction factor.

1. Summary

Each part is paged in the order as below. A cover is page 1 and consecutive numbers are printed in each page of the text.
  1. a cover page: manuscript title, information on the authors and corresponding author (name, affiliation, address, telephone number, and email address), manuscript type, expedite review Y/N, etc. are included.
  2. manuscript: an abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusion, references, tables and figures were listed.
    (A Korean paper: A cover in Korean, An abstract and a main body in Korean, An abstract in English, Tables and Figures,
    An English paper: A cover in English, An abstract and a main body in English, An abstract in Korean, Tables and Figures)
  3. author’s checklist: a check for the list representing the regulations for manuscript submission was completed and corresponding author’s signature was included.
  4. consent on copyright transfer: a signature of the corresponding author to confirm the consent of all the authors to transfer the copyright of the contents in the manuscript was included.
Numbers are in Arabic numerals, weights and measures in the metric system, and the numerical values in SI unit.
The manufacturing company, the city, and the nationality are indicated in the machines, the reagents, and the medicines.
Lowercase letters are used in English words in the text except for the name of a place and a person, a proper noun, an abbreviation, and any occasions requiring the uppercase letters.
Successive consecutive numbers are condensed by marking only the first and the last number.
(e.g.) [6, 7, 8, 9] -> [6-9], but, a comma is used for only two numbers like [3, 4].

2. Cover page

All the names of the authors and their positions are listed along with the superscript numbers.
An author's English name is a full name and is in the order of 'the first name and the last name'.
A cover page includes the title of the paper, the name and the position of the author, the address of the corresponding author, phone number, fax number and e-mail address, a running title, and the research funds, etc.
An author's position is identified with its official English name.
In the case of indicating several departments or organizations involved, the superscript numbers are marked in order with the signs below (Marking order : *, †, ‡, §, ∥, ¶, # ).
A running title is in the form of a phrase within 8 words in Korean or 60 words in English.

3. Abstract (Korean and English)

The first letter of each word is capitalized in an English title. (except for a preposition, an article, and a conjunction)
An abstract is consist of 4 paragraphs as research background, materials and methods, results and discussion, and conclusion.
An abstract was written with less than 200 words in Korean or 300 words in English.
The number of key words are under 6, and the first letter of each English word is capitalized.

4. Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion

All the terms are written in Korean if possible, not in English.
References are quoted in the text, and consecutive numbers are marked in the order of quotation.
There is no space between a Korean word and parentheses.
(e.g.) 보여준다(Fig. 3), 아포토시스(apoptosis)
There is a space between an English word and parentheses, and so is a figure and parentheses.
(e.g.) Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM), 11/20 (55.0%)
There is a space between a number and a word.
(e.g.) 10 MV X-ray, 50.4 Gy, 10x10 cm2
There is no space between a number and %, ℃, an equal sign.
(e.g.) 1.8±0.3%, 36.5℃, PUCT=0.7 MeV, 0≤r≤2.5 cm
Roman E or e is not used for exponential numbers.
(e.g.) 1.0×10-7 (1.0E-03 is not possible)
For the symbol of element, mass number is marked before the symbol in the form of the superscript number.
(e.g.) 137Cs (Cs-137 is not possible)
Instead of '/' for division, inverse exponential numbers are used, a dot "·" is added between the basic units.
(e.g.) g·m-3 (g/m3 is not possible)
For abbreviation in a sentence, a full description comes before an abbreviation.
((e.g.) charge sensitive preamplifier, CSP
  • Capital letters are not used for a full description.(Gas Expansion Module, GEM is not possible)
  • For a pronoun, the first letter of a full description is capitalized.
    (Gaussian plume model, GPM is possible)
For chapters and paragraphs, consecutive numbers are listed like '1. 1.1 1.1.1'.

5. References

Even for Korean papers, the title of a reference is ‘Reference’ in English.
All the references are quoted in the text.
All the authors of references are indicated except where there are more than ten when only the first author was followed by et al.
(e.g. Henry L, et al.)
he list of references is written according to the principle of mentioning contribution rules.
The name of the journal of references is presented with the abbreviation of SCI.
Resources that are not possible to be mentioned in references (a yearbook of the ministry, a law, a news article, a document in the web. etc.) are excluded in the list, but are commented in the text within parentheses.

6. Tables, Figures, and Legends

A table and a figure are written in Arabic numbers, and they occupy one page respectively.
The content of a table is easy to understand and has an independent function.
The title of a table is a brief English phrase, and the first letter of a noun and an adjective is capitalized. No abbreviation is possible.
The abbreviation in a table or a figure is described in the lower part of a table with footnotes in order as below.
(marking order : *, †, ‡, § ,∥, ¶ ,#)
Legends include an English explanation of a figure with sufficient information for it.
Only the first letter of 'figure' is capitalized, and in the case of more than two pictures in the same category, an alphabet is listed after the arabic number.
(e.g. Fig. 1A, Fig 1B, Fig. 1C )

The authors of the article hereby checked whole the issues in the checklist, and submit with the manuscript in the JRPR.

Corresponding author ____________________                     Date ____________________

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