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263 Design of the Detector Head for Single Photon Detection in Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Its Performance Evaluation
Kim, Kwang-Hyun;Cho, Gyu-Seong;Chung, Woon-Kwan;
J Radiat Prot. 2003;28(4):263
271 Annual Transfer of $^{90}Sr$ to Rice from Paddy Soils Collected around Yonggwang and Ulchin Nuclear Power Plants
Lim, Kwang-Muk;Choi, Yong-Ho;Park, Hyo-Guk;Kang, Hee-Suk;Choi, Heui-Joo;Lee, Han-Soo;
J Radiat Prot. 2003;28(4):271
281 Thermal Evaluation of the KN-12 Transport Cask
Chung, Sung-Hwan;Chae, Kyoung-Myoung;Choi, Byung-Il;Lee, Heung-Young;Song, Myung-Jae;
J Radiat Prot. 2003;28(4):281
291 Containment Evaluation of the KN-12 Transport Cask
Chung, Sung-Hwan;Choi, Byung-Il;Lee, Heung-Young;Song, Myung-Jae;
J Radiat Prot. 2003;28(4):291
299 Predictive Contamination of Animal Products Due th the Inhalation of Air and the Ingestion of Soil of Cattle in an Accidental Release of Radioactive Materials - Focusing on Contaminative Influence for Milk
Hwang, Won-Tae;Kim, Eun-Han;Suh, Kyung-Suk;Jeong, Hyo-Joon;Han, Moon-Hee;Lee, Chang-Woo;
J Radiat Prot. 2003;28(4):299
311 A case study for the dispersion parameter modification of the Gaussian plume model using linear programming
Jeong, Hyo-Joon;Kim, Eun-Han;Suh, Kyung-Suk;Hwang, Won-Tae;Han, Moon-Hee;
J Radiat Prot. 2003;28(4):311
321 Effects of AMAD, Absorption Type, and Intake Pattern on the Result of Evaluation for Internal Dose by Inhalation of Uranium
Lee, Jong-Il;Lee, Tae-Young;Chang, Si-Young;Lee, Jai-Ki;
J Radiat Prot. 2003;28(4):321
327 Determination of Microdosimetric Quantities of Several Neutron Calibration Fields at KAERI
Kim, B.H.;Kim, J.S.;Kim, J.L.;Chang, S.Y.;Cho, G.;McDonald, J.C.;
J Radiat Prot. 2003;28(4):327
337 Washout of Tritiated Water Vapor by Precipitation in the Vicinity of Wolsong Nuclear Power Plant Site
Kim, C.K.;Lee, S.K.;Rho, B.H.;Park, G.J.;Kim, W.;Kang, H.D.;
J Radiat Prot. 2003;28(4):337
343 Performance of Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM) detector
Han, S.H.;Moon, B.S.;Kim, Y.K.;Chung, C.E.;Kang, H.D.;Cho, H.S.;
J Radiat Prot. 2003;28(4):343
349 Cs-137 distribution around Kori Nuclear Power Plant
Lee, H.;Kang, H.S.;Choi, H.J.;Yu, D.H.;Lim, K.M.;Choi, Y.H.;
J Radiat Prot. 2003;28(4):349
353 Deposition Properties of $^{137}Cs$ in Marine Sediments
Park, G.;Lin, X.J.;Kim, W.;Kang, H.D.;Lee, H.L.;Kim, Y.;Doh, S.H.;Kim, D.S.;Yun, S.G.;Kim, C.K.;
J Radiat Prot. 2003;28(4):353
361 A Study on the Methodology for Economic and Environmental Friendliness Analysis of Back-End Nuclear Fuel Cycles
Song, Jong-Soon;Chang, Soo-Young;Ko, Won-Il;Oh, Won-Zin;
J Radiat Prot. 2003;28(4):361
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